Taupo 5, Plains Rangers men 1

13th August 2016

Ready for a good start.... Matt Dalgity, Julian Reid, Chris Butler, Emil, Jamaal James, Hamish Wilde, Tiemen Corporaal, James Hart, Ali Scott, Pete Kirkbride, Jordan Ogilvy, Sione Lotu.


Midfielder Ali tackles his Taupo opponent. Jordan waits hopefully. The attacker heads towards Ben Sexton, our stand-in goallie, chased by Ali and Jules.
Hamish and Jordan pressurise their centre defender. Jords even pressured the throw ins!
Waiting on the bench: Emil, our French visitor, and Andy Willis. Coach for the day Chris Butler watches his charges. Emil came to watch and ended up getting a run. He had been to three trainings, so he did know the players!

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