Plains Rangers Off Season action


And now Pete is actually wearing a Rangers hoodie inside Queens Park Rangers ground! Muggsy will be impressed, even though Pete is supporting Middlesbrough! The result Rangers 2 Boro 3 would leave Pete smiling!
Peter Kirkbride takes his Plains Rangers hoodie all the way to his favourite club. The Rangers hoodie is almost as flash as the merchandise on sale!

Mystery photo…

Whose hairy legs are these?

Spot the very fetching nail polish on the toes…

Which Plains Rangers men's team player is it….. Muggsy, Wett, Andy Willis, the millionth Phoenix fan, or Catlin Jenner?

Chris Butler knows the answer!

Bazza was the one millionth Nix fan through the gates since their inception. At half time he was awarded with a Huawei prize pack. Here he's chatting with ex-Awakeri Nix fan Nicola Treloar, who recognised him at the presentations. Bazza and Rose were put up at the Intercontinental Hotel by the Phoenix CEO for the weekend. Ask Bazza how that happened!
The "grass" at North Harbour stadium for the Phoenix's game against Melb Victory!! Noone was fooled with the sand being painted green! Maybe Awakeri's pitch isn't so bad after all!
Rangers' Nix supporters enjoyed the Victory over Victory anyway!
The TAB spotted Bazza and Jezza in the Phoenix crowd. It was after 80 minutes, we were winning, so shirts off!
Wett's 40th birthday. Chris Butler gives him a Chelseas scarf to wind him up!
"take a photo because this will be the only time you see me holding one of these things".
That's more like it! The real present!
After Phoenix game at Bethels Wood bar. Jeremy makes friends with Nix captain Siggy. Bazza decides to join the photo. Photo taken by Siggy's wife.
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