Plains Rangers 2 Papamoa 0

5 September 2015

Bay Sportsmed Bowl Final

Andy Willis shields the ball from two Papamoa defenders. Josh Cozens is closely marked too. Mike Johnstone wins the ball in the midfield. Captain Jimmy Hart watches on and Andy has a marker watching him.
Goal!!!! Andy has just shocked Papamoa with a lovely goal. Mike and Petir Gray race after him to congratulate him. Back to half way for the restart. Jordan, Mike, Andy and Jaiden happily head back. The Papamoa strikers have hands on hips. How the hell did that happen??
Andy shields the ball. Mike and Jaiden Ibbetson were great in the midfield.
Papamoa's speedy striker is marked by three Rangers defenders! Matt Dalgity, Jordan Ogilvy and Ali Scott. Christian Wetting was in terrific form, as noted by the Bay Sportsmed sponsor in the aftermatch speeches.
Petir Gray, no doubt the youngest player in the game, but he coped well with the challenges and put in some great passing moves A Papamoa corner. Rangers defence is solid. Jordan competes for the ball, while Josh waits for the pass.
It's all over. Wetts congratulates his team. The trophy! Chris Butler holds it with a rain of champagne from Wetts above him. The boys are happy!
Back row L to R: Jaiden Ibbetson, Barrie Hawkes, Christian Wetting, Mike Johnstone, Andy Willis, James Hart, Peter Kirkbride, Levi Riri, Ali Scott, Chris King.
Front row: Josh Cozens, Sam Christieson, Chris Butler, Jamaal James, Petir Gray, Matt Dalgity, Jordan Ogilvy, Aaron Muggeridge.
Wetts fills the Bowl while Muggsy entertains the boys.
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