Plains Rangers v Whakatane Reserves

6 March 2003

Rangers 1, Whakatane 1.

If the pics are rather grainy, the game was played in the evening, and there wasn't a lot of light!

Buzza draws the ball back from the defenders encircling him. Support is coming Buzza! It's OK, Buzza is away, let Whakatane chase him!
Craig Julian on the ball, George Dalgity gets into good space outside him. A Criag Julian header looks like it will be collected by Whakatane. Dutchie Overdevest is in support in the centre.
Brendan Cusack gets ready to chest down the throw in, behind him, Paul moves over to cover. Daniel Logan (left) and Hori Elliot are beaten to the ball by the keeper, this time.
However, this time, Logan (far) has beaten the defender and keeper, and the ball rolls straight into the Whakatane goal. Whakatane player coach, and ex-Edgecumbe player Ian "Finchy" Finch doesn't look too impressed on the sideline
One of the breaks between the four quarters. Chopper, Bazza, Dutchie and Cuse at rest. Cuse runs to get in between the Whakatane defenders. Referee Muggsy is back in the centre circle!
What is Bas doing??? Actually he has just crossed the ball in, the Whakatane defenders watch nervously.  

More action photos?