Whakatane Town 0, Plains Rangers men 0

22 August 2015

Jamaal James battles away to put pressure on the larger (than him) Whakatane defenders. Josh Cozens was on at right half. You'd better not be using your arm there Josh! Levi Riri watches on from right back.
Ali Scott did a good job defending the left flank. The surprise appearance of Werner Rechsteiner added class and experience to the Whakatane line-up.
The keepers at both ends were in good form. Johnno Smith takes the ball ahead of Chris. Christian Wetting shows the correct technique for taking a high ball. Noone bothers to jump and challenge him!
Matt Dalgity organised his defence well. Here he brings the ball forward before offloading it. Mike Johnstone showed good skills in the midfield.
The second half begins. Norm Howe blows the whistle, Jamaal passes the ball back to the midfield, while Andy Willis gets a head start for his sprint to the front line. Petir Gray has great composure on the ball and excellent touch for a young player. Here he has Andy and Jaiden available, but passes it through to Jamaal up front.
Andy climbs high for a corner. Player of the day Ben Sexton heads towards the Whakatane goal.
Ali continues his battles at left back. Don't pull his shirt there Ali! Jaiden Ibbetson always has an impact in a game. Here he is in a quiet moment.
Andy wrongfoots the defender and get in a cross. Jaiden is surrounded in the midfield, the Whakatane players trying to block his options.
Rangers had a number of chances, including this goalmouth scramble. It's behind you Mike! George Dalgity (Matt's brother) finally clears the ball to safety ahead of Ben.
Jaiden is put through on goal. Johnno comes off his line... and makes a brave save at Jaiden's feet.
Levi plays the ball forward, watched by a number of Rangers supporters, including injured captain Jimmy Hart. Mike cuts in across the box. Petir and Jamaal are hoping for that killer pass.
Jaiden takes the ball out to his favoured left side, drawing Craig Lambert across to cover him. Mike lines up a shot from outside the box.
Mike wins a header in the midfield. Petir again has the opposition confused. Both Andy and Jamaal are making runs in behind this defender. Pat is about to drag it to his left and then thread the pass through. Matthew Eveleens, last week's player of the day, is the linesman today.
Youth v experience. Both Petir and Werner are fine players. Pat gets his pass away. Ben is impressed. A late Whakatane raid means Wett has to come and claim the ball. Keep out of his way Josh!
Rangers tried to pin Whakatane back in their own half late in the game. Here is Jaiden charging down yet another attempted clearance..
The final score.... 0 - 0, Rangers retain the Sponsors Cup.
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