Opotiki 0 Plains Rangers 2

27 June 2015 Bay Sportsmed Bowl

Jaiden terrorized the Opotiki defence in the first half. Here he is getting the better of a defender and turning back infield. The battle of the midfield in the first half.
Wett led by example. Here he is getting out on the left wing and crossing the ball in. Jaiden won the penalty. Bazza was summoned, but put the ball wide. "The first time I've ever seen him miss!" said Muggsy. Chris was ready to pounce on the rebound when it looked like smacking into the post.
Jaiden on the attack again. The second half. Samuel came on and made a useful impact.
Jaiden is ranging out on the right now. Captain Jimmy is surrounded but he plays a nice pass out to Samuel on the right.
Jordan sends in a cross from the left wing. Can anyone bury it in the net? Levi and Sam worked together well up the right flank.
Wett dwarfs his opponent. A very nice clubrooms, basking in the sun. An Opotiki player recovers from his exertions.
Rangers have a free kick and Wett lines up a special. From 30 metres, in it g o o o e e s s ! Past the keeper's despairing dive. Right into the top left corner.
Jaiden tries his luck through a sea of defenders. Jimmy and Wett work the midfield. Jimmy looks up to see Jords and Muggsy making runs
Andy comes on to replace Muggsy and gets put through several times. No toe pokes allowed! Josh came on the replace Jaiden late in the game and kept the pressure on their defenders.
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