6 September 2014

Papamoa 0, Plains Rangers men 1

Before the game Rangers lined up for a team photo. Just about a full line up. Chris is the only regular missing. Click here for a bigger team pic.
Back row: Guy, Barrie, Timen, Christian, Grahame, Jason, Tiemen, Sam
Front: Aaron, Ali, Matt, Jacob, Kirk, Ben, James and Matt
Photos from later in the game: Under pressure, Ben McPherson passes to Matt Orr-McKeown.
Ben heads towards the Papamoa goal, but is tackled by a defender. The defender wraps his legs around the ball! Ben is going nowhere!
Papamoa in possession. Wett, Grahame Sims and young Tiemen Corporaal get organised. Jimmy Hart shoots for goal. This carefully placed shot went just over the top.
Ben heads goalwards once more. Up front Matt Dalgity and Guy Askew are well marked. Shades of ballet, Ali Scott attempts to block the Papamoa attacker's shot. Grahame and Jimmy watch with interest.
Kirk Bain races back to cover an attack. Sam McPherson competes for the ball.
Tiemen Corporaal senior has just subbed on and after some neat interpassing, scored the winner! Ali, Kirk and Jimmy are impressed. Jacob and Sam congratulate Big T.
Tiemen Corporaal
The supporters are happy. At the final whistle Big T troops off. It is his first game back after dislocating his elbow and he has scored and not injured himself!

More action photos?