Plains Rangers v Rotorua Suburbs 24 August 2002

Rangers 3, Suburbs 4.

Obscured by Bazza, a Suburbs striker is running the ball at Dutchie. Buzza (17) races to intervene. Buzza on the turn.
A Suburbs player leaps over the tackle of Bas. Hori (13) cuts in to join the action. Colin Lawrence lays the ball inside to Sjoerd.
Not a good day in defence. Bazza, Dutchie and Chopper look rather nervous. Cuse performs a quick turn to race his opponent to the ball. Ryan (11) watches with interest.
Dutchie gets down to block the ball, surrounded as he is by Suburbs attackers. It's a drop ball says ref David Cox. Koro (Colin) gets ready while Ruity hopes to get a pass.
Bazza is marking his young opponent. Don't go holding his shirt (or his stylish headband)! Cuse gets ready to head this high one, but his marker is putting the pressure on.
Ryan comes in to take the penalty. In his own cheeky style, Ryan takes it with his left foot even though he is right footed! He scores goal 21 for the season. Jase runs the ball up from right back. Surely no 7 isn't intimidated by Jason's size, is he?
Sjoerd and Colin are on the move. Bazza and Ruity eye up a high ball.
Hori on the ground after clearing the ball. Ryan is back there covering as well.  

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