31 May 2014

Plains Rangers men 5, Rotorua Utd 0

Rotorua started well. Here's Ben helping bring the ball out of our defensive third. Sam and Bastian in defence. No backing away boys.
The fulla with the beard made an impact when he came on. Tiemen flies through the air, having just missed an attempted header.
Ben gets the ball back and fires in the first goal. Bastian, in his last game, takes the ball forward.
Rotorua clear the ball out from a Rangers attack. Hamish takes off up the midfield with the ball.
A late scare for Rangers, Jacob heads the ball off the line after a dangerous cross. Kirk had some good personal tussles with his opponents.
Jaiden in his last game for Rangers before heading to New Plymouth. Jaiden made a big contribution... a goal and two assists. Hamish gets into a tussle. Lean on me....

More action photos?