18 May 2014

Plains Rangers women 1, Rotorua White 1

Lanae rulz
Rangers got off to a good start. Here is Lanae walking back after opening the scoring for the game (and the season!). Now it's in the Rangers goalmouth, just before Rotorua scored the equaliser. There were so many Rangers defenders in the danger area, but some how the ball got through.
Player of the day Julie has fed the ball up to Jenny. The Rotorua defender gets there just ahead of Jenny.
Kate Collier Shirley
Kate got a telling off from referee Norm for this tackle. "Stay on your feet!" Shirley came on at left back for Tracey whose archilles was playing up.
Kat almost brings this ball under control, with the goal at her mercy. Another Rangers attack. Kate Simons races forwards. Kat is ahead to the left.

More action photos?