26 April 2014

Te Puke 4 Plains Rangers men 3

Ali scores
Rangers took the lead early. A shot by Jaiden Ibbetson is blocked but Ali Scott pounces on the rebound to score. Tiemen Corporaal senior did well in his first game in goal for a long time.
Jaiden scores Ben
After Te Puke equalised, here's Jaiden about to put Rangers back in front. Captain Ben McPherson gets round the defenders.
Jaiden shows off his tricks. Ali battles away well in the midfield.
Jacob Kirk
In the second half, Te Puke came back well and put a lot of pressure on the Rangers defence. Jacob Heath shields the ball back to the keeper. Kirk Bain looks for support as he is backed up against his own goal line.
There were some tough challenges, but the game was played in good spirit. Ali, Wett and Kirk combine to win the ball. Young Tiemen Corporaal had a good game in the midfield.
Here he is tackling one of the tricky Te Puke ball players. Player of the day Chris Butler showed grit in defence, making some good tackles.

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