14, 15 September 2013

Whakatane Town 4 Plains Rangers men 0 (Sponsors Cup)
Plains Rangers women 1 Tauranga City 6

The customary line up hand shake ritual. Lots of smiles. The game was played in very good spirit, although Cammy ended up with a sore ankle after one dodgy tackle.
The Sponsors Cup is all about acknowledging the sponsors. A good spirit prevailed, with Jason Pullar donning the green of Plains Rangers for the game. Click here for a bigger version of this photo. Captain Ben McPherson heads the ball on for Matt Dalgity to chase.
Hamish Wetts saves
Rangers had plenty of defending to do in the first half. Left wing Hamish Wilde is back doing his bit. Rangers keeper Christian Wetting was, as usual, in amazing form. He saved several close encounters.
Mark Wett
Mark Jeynes was dragged off the farm for the end of season game, and played very well. Wett clears the ball up field.
Brendan Mitchell leads a merry dance through the Rangers midfield. On the sideline Bazza gives Hamish his instructions, as the subs rolled off and on. Pete Stoove (on loan!), Chris and Skins are waiting their turns.
Grahame heads the ball at the Whakatane goal. It's going wide! Jason Pullar defends from the ground!
Kirk Bain launches a clearance. Wett and Grahame compete to clear the ball! Cammy Wills hopes they both miss it.
Wett is a brave keeper. He can't stop this volley though.
Ben kicks off, Matt runs to get into space. Bazza gets on the field. Ish tries to stop him passing the ball. Backheel it to Chris!

It's all over. 4 - 0, a bit flattering to Whakatane, but I guess Wett was in the action a fair bit! Three cheers for the sponsors.
Now it's Sunday. The Rangers women defend well as a unit.
They also create chances. Here's Kate's shot that somehow didn't go in and was cleared off the line by the defender.
Holly takes on a defender. Ranee clears the ball strongly.
Kate Simons shields the ball. Jenny Fox competes well in midfield.
Raven Hunia also battled well in the midfield. A Rangers corner. There's a fair bit of pushing to keep the Rangers girls at bay!
Kate shoots It's a goal
Late in the game, after a lot of pressure, Kate Simons gets a chance and shoots...... It beats the TCU keeper, and Rangers have scored!
They should actually have had three or four in this game.
Kylie Keys and Jenny Fox congratulate Kate. It had been a long time coming, well, all season in fact!  

More action photos?