23 June 2013

Plains Rangers women 0 Kawerau Town 4

The sun disappeared right about kick off time at Awakeri. Luckily nmost of the spectators were warmly dressed. Rangers player of the day Holly Davis kept Kawerau on their toes. Kaycee Nichols is making a run forward.
Holly on the ball again, with Gillian Green in support. Raven Hunia and Gillian try to block the Kawerau cross.
Kine Boee and Mary Collier were solid in defence, despite being pinned back in their own half for long periods. Renee Anderson was also a strong performer at left back.
Holly is closely marked. Kine takes a throw in.
Kylie is actually wearing two Rangers hoodies here! It's all over. Mary, despite feeling crook, played the full 90 minutes and stopped a lot of attacks.
Rangers women troop off. A good effort. Kawerau had to work very hard for their win.

More action photos?