25 May 2013

Opotiki 2 Plains Rangers 4

Chris Dell in action That old war horse Bazza is slide tackled by an Opo defender.
Player of the day Chris Johnston in the thick of it. Dan Overdevest looks up
Grahame Sims had some good tussles in the midfield Kirk Bain works hard in defence.
Kirk turns away from his opponents Sam McPherson battles hard for the ball
Bazza plays a one two with Chris Ben McPherson takes it up the wing.
There were some strong challenges Bazza looks to play it rhough for Ben
Ben wins the ball Dutchie is away
Joel made an impact in the midfield Joel has great close control
Kirk is worried about his ankles Sam wins this tackle
The McPherson brothers Sam and Ben combining Mark watches keeper Mike Dahl gather the ball.
Aaron Muggeridge joins the fray and the goals start to materialise. Suddenly it's a 4 - 2 win for Rangers, not the 2 - 0 loss it was looking like for 70 minutes.
Rangers troop off, feeling a bit lucky.

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