4 May 2013

Plains Rangers 0 Taupo A 1

Player of the day Dan Overdevest threads a pass through the Taupo midfield. Dan's strong tackling was a feature of the game. Who's watching the ball? Kirk is distracted, but at least he is chasing back in the right direction. Mike is watching Kirk.
Ben Howe put in a good shift as right half. Hamish Wilde battled away well up front.
There were plenty of Rangers attacks in the first half. A Taupo defender denies Jacob and Jordan, who later went off with a serious looking knee injury. Matt Dalgity replaced Jords and did well, though the temptation to sprint using his recovering hammy was fairly tempting!
Sam McPherson had hid second game for Rangers, he is learning the arts of right full back. Hamish continues the battle for possession. Ben McPherson is moving into space for a pass.
In the second half Ben had a number of personal battles with the Taupo defenders. He wins this one and cuts in towards goal. The defender gives Ben a helpful shove and wins the ball this time!
Grahame Sims brnigs the ball forward from defence. Dutchie is about to put in another tackle. You can sense it coming! Jacob moves away in anticipation.
Taupo scored from a late raid, but not from this header. What is Grahame doing??? Sam plays the ball up the line.

More action photos?