27 April 2013

Katikati 4 Plains Rangers 0

Adam Barkla was always in the action, even when various muscles started complaining, he kept going. Keeper Mike Dahl was busy at times. He brings the ball out after another Katikati raid.
Ben McPherson's nifty footwork meant the defenders watched him closely. Very closely. Watch the ball! Hamish Wilde and Mark Jeynes put the pressure on.
Jacob Heath had some good runs down the wing and went close several times. The Katikati keeper is called into action.
Mark wins another header. Kirk Bain had another good game, keeping the left flank under control.
Grahame Sims is a strong leader in defence, he can also see the funny side on the field! Mike dives despairingly as a Kati shot hits the net in the second half.
Things were pretty competitive, as Adam found out. "Hey I haven't even got the ball!" Kirk pushed forward to help the attacks, then had to chase back.
Paddy Lambert is doing a good job as defensive midfielder. He brings the ball out. Jordan and Paddy make a determined tackle.
Player of the day Mark Jeynes stops yet another attack. Referee Anne supervises an impromptu tango. Hmmmm 7.3 out of ten.



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