21 April 2013

Plains Rangers women v Whakatane Town

Rangers women had a good battle at home to Whakatane. Kate Collier contests the midfield. Up front Kate Simons earned player of the day, she had some good touches to get the ball past defenders. Ref Norm Howe keeps a close eye on things.
Rangers have several new players this year. Kaycee Nicholls showed good speed. Here she combines with Melat Rode to win the ball from a Whakatane player.
Kine Boee, another newcomer, showed good skills in defence. Chris Whitaker often takes a turn on the line for Rangers. Thanks Chris!
Mary Collier marks closely in defence. Mel took the ball forward well. Kate is making a run to her left.
Tiffany Walter did some good work down the wing. She won this challenge. Raven Hunia competes with Suzi Peterson.
Mel takes the ball up again, Kate makes a run to her right this time. Kate Collier is always a determined tackler.
Kine defends. Well performed keeper Colleen Pryde looks on. Last year's keeper Stacey Flintoff was watching from the sideline. Her Papamoa team's game was called off. It's all over. Team huddle time.



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