7 October 2012

Plains Rangers men v Whakatane Town
Sponsors' Challenge

Rangers regulars before kick off. Missing are Ben F and Ben H. Kerry Hawkes helped his old club out too but he's not in the photo. No ref turned up, so Dan Baxter kindly said he'd do the job. Some pre match laughs before the hand shakes. Maybe Dan is reminding Kirk that he still has his shades on! Well, it was a warm sunny day.
A good sporting attitude prevailed for the game.
From the outset, Whakatane attacked hard and soon had a goal in the net. From there on though, the Rangers defence and keeper Christian Wetting did a fine job keeping them at bay.
Centre backs James Hart and John Stephen were strong. Here's Jimmy heading clear. Wett gets up to punch the ball away
Jimmy clears the ball down the line. Beacon reporter / photographer Adyn Ogle gets down near the Whakatane goal, hoping for some action.
Ben McPherson tries to oblige, taking on the Whakatane defence. Kerry Hawkes cuts in and sends in a cross.
Player-coach Richie Nillesen heads the ball forward. Kerry tries to block Terry's clearance.
Richie takes the ball up, chased by Brendon Mitchell. Jacob Heath is in support. Whakatane deservedly hung on to their lead and won 1 - 0, despite a few late scares when Rangers almost equalised.



More action photos?