29 September 2012

Plains Rangers men v Ngongotaha
Bay Sportsmed Bowl final

A Ngongy player threads a pass through, between defender Ben Fretwell and striker Richie Nillesen, early in the game. Left wing Jacob Heath looks to feed the ball infield. Richie is available, centre midfielders Andy Brabant and James Hart are also square.
Sadly for him and the Rangers team, Christian Wetting was suspended for the game. He even got banned from filming the game from the sideline! Wett brought his newly acquired foosball set for the kids to play in front of the grandstand. Up in the stand, Margaret and Michel Nillesen watch the game hopefully, alongside Kelly, Donna, Renee, Maria and Morgan.
Jacob has a run down the wing and looks up for his options. Rangers created quite a fwe chances in the first half. Here's James putting one over the top. Skins gets out of the road!
Kirk Bain loves to attack from fullback. He he is putting in a nice cross. Skins looks like he's pleading for it on the ground. Richie brings the ball down nicely before the defenders get to him.
Another attack from Rangers, the defender does well to shield the ball from Richie.
Despite his swollen knees, Richie put himself about. A Ngongy defender dispossesses Richie with a good tackle.
Skinsy find himself on the wrong side of the ball in another Rangers first half attack. The Rangers supporters enjoyed their day.
Now we're into the second half. James bends a good pass round the defender for Skins to chase. Jordan Ogilvy beats a defender and can hopefuly thread it through to Andy in the box.



More action photos?