1 September 2012

Plains Rangers 4, Old Blues 2

Bay Sportsmed Bowl semifinal at Mt Maunganui

Centre midfielder Andy Brabant had another solid game keeping things ticking over. Ben McPherson was lively and kept his opponents guessing.
Jaiden Ibbetson has just scored his first goal. Andy congratulates him. Ben has a shot saved by the Old Blues keeper.
Jaiden gets away down the left wing and looks up to cross it. John Stephen was strong at the back. He he shows how to measure a pass.
How to score a goal... Jaiden breaks past the defender at half way, races down to the penalty area.... gets the keeper going the wrong way, and puts in the the old onion bag.
Old Blues are a tall team. Here's Hone getting up well to head it away. Richie Nillesen put in a good all round performance, player of the day.
Right back Kirk Bain finds some space to play it down the line. Richie shows balance and poise.
Meanwhile, on the next door pitch, Ngongy (Oranage) and Papamoa were in a tight battle to see who would play Rangers in the final. AR Gordon Campbell raises his flags enthusiastically.
Back to the action. Here's Jacob Heath contesting the ball on the left wing. Jordan Ogilvy shows he can still play on the ground.
Old Blues were unlucky to hit the bar with a header in the second half. Ref Stuart Taylor awards a free kick. Come back Jacob and Jimmy!
Another shot over the top. Keeper Christian Wetting has a look to see where it went! Joel brings some fresh legs onto the pitch.


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