11 August

Plains Rangers 4, Tauranga City United 1

The Tauranga City goal was under all sorts of pressure in the first half. Ben Howe isn't close enough to pounce on this loose ball.
Jaiden Ibbetson gave the City keeper a nightmare day. Here's a one-on-one. Jaiden went on to get a hat trick.
When City got close, Christian Wetting looked like an unbeatable force in goal. Here he plucks a corner out of the air.
Ben McPherson has his back to the TCU goal. The keeper is in close attendance. Will Ben lay it off to Jaiden, or will he shoot?!
A defender scrambles a cross from Jacob Heath over the line. Ben Howe gave the left fullback a tough day. Here are the pair of them battling away. Ben scored Rangers fourth goal.
Jaiden (no 16) trots back to half way after scoring his first one. Player coach Richie Nillesen is impressed. John Stephen was strong in defence. He won his headers well and made some good tackles.
Left back Jordan Ogilvy on the ball. James Hart watches developments. Here are Andy Brabant and Richie battling away in the midfield.
A second half free kick. Richie is about to step over it and Ben will lash it at goal. Unfortunately, the wall held its shape and blocked it! Ref Stuart English had a good game in the middle.

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