14 July

Plains Rangers 4, Rotorua United 3

Round One of the Bay Sportsmed Bowl. Rangers at home to Rotorua. Ben Howe is on the right wing. He receives support from right back Joel Ogilvy. Jacob Heath had some good runs down the left wing.
Rotorua went 1 - 0 up, then an own goal ... Christian Wetting makes sure the ball is over the line. Goal! Hey Christian, aren't you usually the keeper?
Wett (19) wheels away after scoring Rangers' second goal, but Rotorua equalise to make it 2 - 2 at half time. Into the second half, Jaiden Ibbetson's tricky running saw him fouled several times.
Wett drives a power shot towards goal. Hone Stephen gets out of the road (unlike Bazza who didn't get out of the road of Richie's strike, it didn't hurt that much... well..)
Rotorua's keeper Whetu was brave and kept his team in the game. Sanjay is thinking what he would like to do to any attackers who slide in on the keeper. Another brave stop from Whetu, this time on Ben McPherson.
However, the Rotorua keeper wasn't quite quick enough to get the ball before Jaiden, and the foul earned him a red card. Wett, sympathising with a fellow keeper, shakes his hand.
Referee Martin Huang writes his notes as a Rotorua defender takes over as keeper. Wett comes in for the penalty. Goal number four for the season. Not bad for a keeper!
A Rangers corner and yes it's that man again. Wett gets his head to the ball. Afterwards, Kylie and Shaun's litle boy Conor shows off the new Rangers hoodie. It's got his name on the hood too.

More action photos?