2 June

Te Puke 3, Plains Rangers 2

Andy Brabant flicks a shot goalwards. He has plenty of support, with four other Rangers attackers at hand. The Te Puke keeper Hector had a few nervous moments, well, his team mates were nervous, but he ended up being their player of the day. Here he is dribbling the ball almost out of his area, Jimmy Krause is getting hopeful!
Jimmy heads off on another attack. Hector isn't even watching! Shoot, Jimmy shoot! Jimmy lays the ball back to Ben Howe on the right wing. Hector has the sun in his eyes.
John Stephen chests the ball back to the thrower, Ben McPherson. No goalkeeper to be seen! Dodgy stuff in the Te Puke penalty area! That's not really a punch being thrown in John's direction as one defender tumbles over the other!
Ben Fretwell brings the ball forward from defence. Behind him, in goal, it's Richie! Ben Howe had some good runs up the right wing.
Jaiden swung over a good corner late in the first half, Ben's header goes over the top. A great Rangers goal. Jaiden heads in the swerving outside of the foot cross from Ben McPherson, standing way over on the right. Hector didn't have a chance with that one.
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