19 May

TCU 3, Plains Rangers 1

If Rangers look strange in the navy blue, it's because Andy left the strip at home in Ohope! TCU generously lent us another strip.
Ben Howe keeps the pressure on his opponent.
Ben and Andy Brabant trot up field.
This guy did a good job holding the TCU defence together. Rangers captain Ben McPherson tests him out. Jimmy Krause always plays with a smile. He has steely resolve inside though.
Where's the bloody ball? Jimmy and Andy haven't spotted it yet Half time and coach Richie Nillesen is not happy. Jacob Heath is wondering if he does want to get on the pitch! Aaron Wood listens to the messages.
Keeper Christian Wetting backed up Richie's words with a few more. Ben Fretwell tackles hard in the centre of defence.
Ben McPherson wins a header at a corner. Jaiden Ibbetson is fouled, but the TCU players all appeal thinking it might be the other way round!
Player of the day Dean Butterworth (left), Jaiden, Ben F and Wett all watch the ball scoot through the Rangers penalty area. Centre defender James Hart looks to elude this opponent.
John Stephen made an impact when he came on, distributing some good passes around. Jordan Ogilvy looks forward from defence.

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