14 April

Whakatane 2 Plains Rangers 2

It was a lovely sunny day to start the football season, and a local derby as well. There was almost a picnic atmosphere on the sidelines.
Andy Brabant was one of three players making their Rangers debut. He did a good job spraying passes from the centre midfield. Here's Andy laying the ball off to Ben Fretwell. And here's Andy weighing up his options. Fellow first gamer James Hart (later named player of the day) runs behind Andy to drag defenders away, while captain Ben McPherson is ready to move into the gap.
All the Bens. Ben M intercepts a Whakatane throw in, while Ben F tracks Whakatane's Ben as he runs across. A Whakatane free kick is going to be easily gathered by Rangers keeper Christian Wetting.
James Hart keeps himself goal side as his opponent turns into space. Right back Kirk Bain shows how to mark tightly to prevent the attacker from turning.
Jacob Heath was an energetic performer in his first game for Rangers. Keeper Wetts comes forward to congratulate the boys on scoring late in the game to grab a 2 - 2 draw.

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